The best blogs…

Mark Philips (@Markyphillips) is a source of inspiration for many fundraisers, taking a highly analytical approach to answering the question; why do donors give. His blog Queer Ideas often contains research carried out by his fundraising agency Bluefrog with supporters from a range of charities and causes.

Lucy Caldicott (@LucyCaldicott) collates a weekly newsletter which is full of ideas for change, community, social justice, equity and inclusion, based on the premise that representation matters. A former fundraising director, Lucy has lots of valuable thoughts about how we need to bring about change in our sector and beyond. I look forward to reading it every Friday and you can sign up to receive your copy here.

Jeff Brooks (@jeffbrooks) is a veteran fundraising blogger from the States with expertise in individual giving. Never afraid to tell it as he sees it, you’ll often find some nuggets of fundraising wisdom in his regular blogs at Future Fundraising Now

AAW (@tobinaldrich, @imogenward, @AstaritaMark and others…) began with a largely staff recruitment offering a number of years ago, and have expanded to a full service fundraising agency now. The founders have decades of fundraising leadership experience and so their occasional blog is often worth reading on sector trends, now supplemented with insights from their client creative and strategic work.

Pamela Grow (@PamelaGrow) is another US blogger who wants to help you plan and think about how to best look after your donors. Her self-styled weekly “no BS” Grow Report is often worth reading for a reminder of the essential fundraising truths.

Lark Owl is Caroline Danks and Tony Richardson (@LarkOwlUK) and they send a really good Trust and Capital fundraising-focused email called The Nest Egg every Tuesday morning – subscribe here

Lime Green Consulting (@mikezywina) writes a great blog on fundraising and strategy for non-profits. I like the way Mike is very real about the challenges of running an effective charity and fundraising programme and supports the reader to do their best work!

Claire Axelrad (@CharityClairity) posts on a range of fundraising topics and income streams. Another blogger from the other side of the pond, her Clairification blog will still have plenty of useful content and advice for the UK fundraiser and marketer.

SOFII (@SOFIIisHOT) stands for the Showcase of Fundraising Inspiration and Innovation. Their semi-regular email will highlight fundraising campaigns from around the world and might spark some creative ideas for your charity. Sign up at the bottom of the homepage for emails, but do take a look around the site at the extensive archive when you have time.

That’s some of the best bloggers that I read – who am I missing? Let me know the good ones you come across and I’ll add them to the list!

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