Fundraising and business tools

Here are some of the planning tools I use most often in fundraising planning – check out the blog for some thoughts on how to plan effectively and some more context on the tools. Hope they are useful to you!

SWOT and PESTLE (or STEEPLE with added ethical considerations)

For internal and external analysis: you can find a SWOT template for download at my friends, Nova Fundraising’s website along with lots of other good free stuff. I also found a really good blog on using PESTLE here

Boston Matrix for fundraising (further developed by The Management Centre)

For analysis of your current income streams: Bernard Ross covers how to use the tool in a lot of detail here.

Porter’s five forces

For analysis of the marketplace before you plan to launch a new product / service offering / fundraising approach: the excellent Business Balls website has lots of management tools freely available – do take a look around. To access Porter’s five forces diagram (below), just key this into the search function.

Want help putting the tools into practice? Drop me a line!